Listening to the Voice of the Customer

The DJ Basin covers much of northeastern Colorado and eastern Wyoming. Even as drilling activity throughout the U.S. has slowed, the DJ is staying active and so is Newalta through our relationship with Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, a major U.S. producer.

“We began talking to Anadarko back in late 2015 as part of our proactive business development approach,” says Jeremy Johnson, Newalta’s Area Manager for Drill Site. “As those talks progressed, Anadarko made it clear that they would be open to engaging us if we could contribute to reducing their costs. We jumped at the opportunity.”  

Anadarko was looking to collect and process water from the drilling, completions and production activities in a region north of Denver, recycle that water and reuse it for fracking efforts.

“This is where things got interesting. We knew we were just the partner Anadarko needed for this work. On a strip site – an area where waste streams are consolidated so they can be segregated – we knew we could develop a workable solution for them using our modular construction concept,” says Johnson.

Mobilization in Record Time

We started constructing the strip site location in February 2016 and deployed and commissioned the modular processing package in a record-breaking 20 days. 

Around the same time, Anadarko gave us a trial project at one of their drilling locations where they wanted to minimize waste to landfill and recover as much drilling fluid from the drill cuttings onsite as physically possible. Their objective was to reduce the drilling fluid sent to landfill as well as minimize the makeup fluid required resulting from natural losses from drilling each well.

This trial was successful and we are now moving ahead and working with Anadarko for their ongoing drilling plans in the region.

“We are meeting all of Anadarko’s current expectations and saving hundreds of barrels of drilling fluid a day for the customer over and above the previous service provider. Our process is also keeping up with the rate of penetration that Anadarko maintains, which is considered the pace setter for the region. To top all that off, we are operating efficiently and safely,” notes Johnson.

Great Example of Adding Value

We see this as the personification of Sustainability Simplified and a great example of helping a customer while helping ourselves at a time when we need more revenue.

It’s the type of work that highlights our operating expertise, our team approach to developing solutions, our absolute focus on the customer’s needs, and our enthusiasm for no-holds-barred business development. By continuing to deliver good value, we hope to grow our relationship with this industry leader.