Newalta disposes of waste safely and in an environmentally sound manner. We operate fully regulated and engineered landfills, water disposal wells and salt caverns. By doing so, we limit your exposure to risk and liability.


Newalta's Ontario non-hazardous, solid industrial waste landfill:

  • Utilizes pre-treatment facilities that consolidate and pre-treat the industrial waste approved for the landfill as well as to meet new Land Disposal Restrictions (LDR)
  • Uses a state-of-the-art engineered liner system (pdf) to contain the waste and control the movement of leachate

Non-hazardous solid waste, generated primarily from the oil and gas industry in Western Canada, is received and directed to a network of Newalta-managed landfills, which feature:

  • State-of-the-art liner systems to contain the waste
  • Regulatory design standards
  • Integrated leachate management systems
  • Surface run-on and run-off controls
  • Groundwater monitoring networks

Water Disposal Wells

To dispose of wastewaters, we manage a network of Class 1B and 1A disposal wells in Western Canada.

Salt Caverns

 Our salt cavern disposal facilities in Western Canada provide:

  • Disposal of waste that does not meet landfill disposal requirements
  • A final repository to manage difficult waste
  • Cost-effective options for secure disposal