Community Investment

Newalta is a proud member of the communities in which we operate and recognizes the interest we have in ensuring the health, prosperity and quality of life of those communities. We demonstrate that interest by providing financial and other support to a variety of registered charities, non-profit agencies and community-based organizations and initiatives. Our people also volunteer their time to help these organizations achieve their goals.

Newalta is an Imagine Canada Caring Company, which means we are committed to contributing at least 2 percent of pre-tax profits to support charitable and non-profit organizations. In 2013, Newalta contributions were 2.8 percent of pre-tax profits or nearly $1.5 million.

Our Community Investment encompasses four main areas:

Community Health and Well-being, including social services, healthcare services and general community support services. 

United Way is our signature program for giving to the community. We run extensive campaigns in our major centres and match employee contributions dollar-for-dollar. Over the history of our campaigns we have collectively contributed nearly $1.8 million to United Way.

We are also major supporters of UNICEF Canada, sponsoring events across the country and funding a major clean water and sanitation project in Uganda.

Additionally, we are primary supporters of:

Environment and Recreation, including environmental protection, wildlife habitat protection, conservation initiatives, parks, recreational facilities, and local sports and recognition programs.

Examples of our support include:

As well as a number of community recreational facilities throughout western Canada.

Education and Learning, including academic institutions; specific faculties and programs with a focus on environment, science and technology education programs; and various community-based learning initiatives.

Examples of our support include:

Arts and Culture, including performing arts, visual arts and cultural events.

Examples of our support include: