Strategic Overview

Newalta is a leader in minimizing waste and maximizing the recovery of valuable products and resources.

Expansion has been Newalta’s strategy since 1993. Our history is a success story. Our future builds on that momentum.

The company is comprised of two divisions to effectively meet the needs of our customers and our growth strategy:


New Markets

The New Markets Division delivers engineered environmental solutions to heavy oil customers in Alberta and Saskatchewan and to oil and gas customers in the U.S. The division is focused on working with customers, onsite or from our facilities, to find innovative solutions to challenges like tailings ponds, drill cuttings and slop oil.


The Oilfield Division delivers waste processing solutions to oil and gas customers through facilities, satellites and onsite projects. Working with our customers, Newalta is finding new and innovative ways to recover oil and water from oilfield waste streams and reduce the overall waste going to landfills.