Recycling & Product Recovery

We are experts at finding ways to recover value from waste streams and developing new, resaleable products. Newalta's innovative thinking has helped develop new markets for recycled and refined products.

This can be seen in our ability to market the crude oil we recover from highly emulsified drilling wastes using centrifugation. We are also the only company in Western Canada to re-refine used motor oils into a wide range of new products that meet or exceed industry standards.

Our products undergo an extensive development cycle and rigorous testing and analysis. Our commitment to quality is seen through the entire organization, from our research and technical professionals to engineering and operating staff.

While we expect this list to continue growing, our recovered product inventory currently includes:

Crude Oil

  • Recovered from drilling and production wastes
  • Marketed through major commodity brokers
  • Distributed to refining operations in Canada and the U.S. via pipeline

Fuels and Drilling Fluids

  • Developed from recovered products
  • Refined to precise performance specifications
  • Delivered via rail and truck to industrial users and major oil companies for use in a variety of applications, including:
    • Explosive carriers
    • Industrial fuel oils
    • Heating fuels
    • Oil and gas drilling fluids
    • Refinery-grade feedstocks


  • Recycling of lead acid batteries and other lead-bearing materials into new 99.97% purity lead, virtually identical to lead produced from lead ore but requiring 35% to 40% less energy. To learn more about lead recycling, click here.
  • We also process a wide variety of other industrial wastes that are indigenous to the lead smelting process as substitutes for natural gas, oil, metallurgical coke or soda ash. To learn more about resource recovery, click here.
  • Our Ville Ste-Catherine facility is the only lead recycling facility in North America to have a long body rotary kiln with a closed loop, in-line high temperature after-burner gas conditioning tower and high efficiency bag-houses. "Nova Pb" brand lead is a London Metal Exchange (LME) approved and traded brand throughout the international marketplace. ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 approved for quality, environmental and operational performance. To learn more about the facility and lead recycling, click here.

Lubricants, Greases and Hydraulic Fluids

  • Developed using re-refined products
  • Blended to exact formulations to optimize performance
  • Delivered directly to major industrial users or through a distributor network to retail outlets, including private-label brands

Re-refined Base Oils

  • Advanta ECO is Newalta's premium quality, Group II base oil produced to meet all your technical specifications at our North Vancouver re-refinery. Learn more at www.advantaECO.com
  • Manufactured from used oils during the re-refining process
  • Used in precise formulations for numerous prominent brands of blended lubricants for the automotive market

Household Batteries

  • Recovered through an exclusive national partnership with the Call2Recycle program
  • Newalta's Fort Erie, Ont., facility is the only Canadian facility approved to process  both primary single-use and rechargeable Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd), Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), Lithium Ion (Li-ion) and Small Sealed Lead (Pb) batteries, under 5 kilograms, for recycling through the Call2Recycle program
  • Batteries are received, inspected, sorted, processed and sent for final recycling
  • Each year, Newalta processes over 475,000 kilograms of batteries through the Call2Recycle program
  • For more information on this program, visit the Call2Recycle website

 Solvents and Antifreeze

  • Developed using recovered products
  • Formulated with additives to boost performance
  • Distributed to major automotive dealerships and automotive maintenance chains across Canada through a network of distribution facilities and delivery vehicles


  • Recovered in the processing of industrial wastewaters and other wastes
  • Treated and made suitable for:

    • Recycling within a customer's plant operations
    • Discharge into municipal sewer systems
    • Disposal via injection at a water disposal well