Drill Site

Developments in horizontal and multi-well pad drilling are increasing the waste volumes generated per well and per pad.

This is driving the need for a more mobile waste management industry and enhanced recovery services. It's driving the need for Newalta's economical and effective Drill Site services. 


  • Specialized mobile equipment including specification, installation, optimization and maintenance for collection, separation and solids control
  • Enhanced recovery of oil from fluids and drill cuttings that were previously sent to landfills
  • Drilling waste management programs supported by drill site data capture to quantify the advantage of our approach and ensure your goals are met


We operate in all of North America's significant resource-producing areas with:

  • Field-supported fleet of solids control centrifuges, decanters, vacuum trucks and new thermal desorption technology
  • Dedicated Drill Site team of experts ready to deploy equipment to your drilling locations quickly and cost effectively to enhance your performance and productivity
  • Strategically located fixed facilities and quick to deploy modular processing assets
  • A dedicated team of specialists trained to deliver the most advanced solutions safely to meet your business objectives

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