Cost effectively removing unwanted solids from any and every type of drilling fluid is a Newalta speciality.

Our mobile filtration team takes this service to a whole new level of precision and performance, screening out solids as small as 0.5 micron through an extensive mobile and stationary fleet of assorted sizes and configurations of filtration equipment as well as a large inventory of consumables.


  • High-pressure filtration with flow rates of 3m3 per minute
  • High-flow filtration with flow rates of 11m3 per minute
  • Decoking filtration
  • Sand-separation filtration with blowdown valves for continuous use
  • Glycol and amine system filtration with carbon filtering
  • Pigging fluid recovery
  • Process integration
  • Equipment specification, installation, commissioning, maintenance and decommissioning on site
  • Parts supply for pick up or delivery directly to your operations


  • Dedicated filtration specialists available where and when you need them
  • Broad fleet of filtration machine technologies to address your specific needs – all with over-pressure protection to eliminate damage and spills
  • Filter skids with best-in-class safety and ergonomics built in
  • Strategically located inventories of all filter media, bags, cartridge filters
  • Engineered recovery and disposal network (fixed facilities, modular processing facilities, landfills, water disposal wells, salt caverns)

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