Onsite Solutions

There are many waste management companies. There is only one that the largest E&P companies in North America trust to bring enhanced recovery services inside their fence lines right to the source of production.

That’s Newalta.

Our Onsite Solutions eliminate the need for costly and hazardous hauling, minimize waste streams and return recovered products faster and more efficiently.


  • Onsite steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) processing
  • Onsite mature fine tailings (MFT) processing
  • Total management from proof of concept to build and operate
  • Advanced processing techniques and continuous investment to broaden the scope of wastes processed and the cost effectiveness of our proprietary processes
  • Tracking, reporting and documentation


  • Dedicated engineering staff and onsite operators trained to meet your EH&S specifications
  • Support from strategically located fixed facilities and modular processing facilities
  • Engineered disposal network (landfills, water disposal wells, salt caverns)

We Can Help

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