Solids Management

Every year, we recover ever more value from waste and as a result, systematically shrink your waste streams.

But the reality is, there is still waste left behind that must be disposed of safely, responsibly and cost effectively.

So safe, responsible and cost-effective solids control and disposal are core parts of our integrated service offering.


  • Collect and consolidate whatever wastes you produce for as long as you produce them
  • Separate and pre-treat solids and fluids using our advanced technologies
  • Recover saleable products to enhance your bottom line
  • Recycle reusable products from the waste stream
  • Minimize residual waste for disposal to meet your environmental objectives
  • Dispose of those residuals in a responsible manner that provides you with comprehensive waste liability protection
  • Report our activities to illustrate the advantage of our approach and meet your regulatory compliance requirements


We operate in all of North America’s significant resource-producing areas with:

  • Engineered landfills
  • Water disposal wells
  • Salt caverns that serve as a final repository for hard-to-treat waste and as a crude oil recovery option for emulsified material
  • Strategically located fixed facilities which also serve as staging points for our recovery innovations
  • Modular Processing Facilities that can be fully operational within a few weeks to deliver the agility you need
  • Onsite services as an integrated part of your operations
  • A dedicated team of specialists trained to deliver the most advanced solutions safely to meet your business objectives

We Can Help

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