Our Vision

For Newalta, sustainability is the integration and alignment of three key elements we call the 3Es - Environmental, Economical and Ethical. When we balance environmental stewardship, economical viability and alignment to regulatory and ethical practices we achieve a sustainable position in the oil and gas industry.

Newalta simplifies the sustainability equation to enable our customers to focus on their core competencies. This is Sustainability Simplified™ and this is what sets us apart in the marketplace.

Our vision

An Environmental Energy Solutions Company Delivering End-to-End, Value-Added Services.

To achieve the vision, we will:

  • Simplify sustainability and environmental stewardship for our customers by enabling them to focus on their core competencies
  • Be the differentiated leader in environmental energy services, delivering highly engineered, sustainable and value-adding solutions
  • Leverage our customer-centric engineering, technology and processing capabilities to deliver solutions and extract value through the treatment of complex waste streams

Our people live our values as they work to pursue the vision.

Our values define what we stand for and what is important to us. They help create a company culture that fosters teamwork, dedication, customer service, and responsibility for our actions, our environment and our communities.

Who we are

  • We respect and trust each other

    We deal with one another in an open, honest and straightforward manner. Our actions are consistent with our words. We treat others with care and respect.

  • We work together to eliminate all injuries

    We take personal and collective ownership and accountability to create a safe working environment through quality equipment, training and procedures. We share the responsibility to ensure everyone returns home safely each day, injury free.

  • We care about the environment in all we do

    Through innovation, responsible management and continuous improvement, we look for ways to minimize the environmental impact of our operations. We contribute to a cleaner environment in all we do.

  • We help each other to learn and grow

    We create a learning environment to ensure people reach their highest potential and understand what is expected of them. We recognize individual effort, training, coaching and learning opportunities.

  • We take pride and ownership in our work

    We focus on the delivery of ever-improving value to customers, shareholders and all other stakeholders. We manage every aspect of our business on the basis of sustainable, responsible practices. We strive for excellence in all that we do, individually and collectively.

  • We engage in the communities where we live and work

    We work collaboratively and are engaged personally, professionally and financially to ensure the health, prosperity and quality of life in the communities where we live and work.

  • We always do the right thing

    We work diligently and remain true to our core values and apply the highest ethical standards in all our dealings with employees, customers, shareholders and all other stakeholders. We keep the "best interests of Newalta" foremost in all our actions and decisions.

These values serve as the backbone for our principles, which govern how we work.

At Newalta, we're a leader in our industry. We have aggressive goals for growth, investment returns and geographic expansion.

We achieve our goals with the guidance of three key principles. The following principles govern how we work:


Safety excellence is a cornerstone of our business success. It is achieved by talented people working as a team with quality equipment, training and procedures. It requires high levels of awareness and ownership as well as disciplined actions and attention to detail.

We will continue to strive for an injury-free workplace where everyone returns home safely each day through continuous improvement in all aspects of our performance.

We are responsible for the safety of each other as well as our contractors, visitors, customers and communities. Each of us must identify and eliminate hazards, communicate concerns and think creatively to reduce risks.


We embrace sustainability and innovative solutions that contribute to a cleaner environment. We actively search for and adopt best practices in all areas of our business, from the design and operation of our processes and facilities to our offices. The environmental benefits of alternatives are considered in our investment decisions.

Each year we will commit to challenging targets for improving our environmental performance. We will communicate our objectives and accomplishments to our stakeholders in our report on sustainability.

We encourage each other to be personally involved and to think creatively. Each of us has an important role in identifying opportunities and implementing new ideas throughout our company.


We provide the best available processes and services to our oil and gas and industrial customers to improve their environmental performance through the recovery and re-use of products from waste. In addition to the broad range of innovative services delivered through our facility network, we provide customized solutions on customer sites where we are integrated into their operations.

We will strive to understand our customers’ environmental challenges and offer the highest-quality, engineered environmental solutions to meet their objectives.

Every interaction we have with our customers must reinforce our commitment to their success and our desire to partner with them.

We earned our industry leadership role through innovative thinking. We maintain it through continued innovation, as well as diligent attention to detail and business discipline.

A series of policies and principles guides our practices and ensure a common understanding across all our operations. These principles also guarantee that our customers, regulators and communities know what they can expect from us.